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Game Re-Open!

Hello, welcome!
After carefully cleaning up the old network, I am happy to say that the game is reopen! I hope to see many new and old faces around, and my goal is to have a bustling, energetic RP on LJ once again! Lets show everyone the Bleach community is not as quiet as the search engine leads us to believe!

A few notes before you all get started, though, concerning our world and its state at this particular moment in time.

First, We are a totally AU world. There are, of course, real world parallels between the world of Long Live! and our world. Tenkuni is based very heavily on Imperial China, with a few twists. This means that there will be no Japanese culture references (such as honorifics, etc). If you want a clear picture of how things work that isn't already apparent, do feel free to ping us at any point and we'll help you along in the right direction (if you have steam-related questions, Jayden is the better mod to ping. For cultural references, Ama is a good choice). Some pieces of important information about Tenkuni for you all:

- Tenkuni money is on a gold standard at the moment (that is, all money in circulation is backed by x amount of gold in the treasury), and the unit is actually referred to by the type of metal used in its minting. Copper pennies (the lowest denomination), are commonly referred to as "coppers", bronze coins (worth more than a copper, but still significantly less than silver coins) are "bronzers". The two most rare and valuable coins are "silvers" and gold coins (which don't actually have a common nickname, as most everyone outside the First Tier have never even seen one).

- The capital of Tenkuni is Tentei, which functions primarily as the Imperial City, where the Imperial Palace and the majority of the populous is crowded. Tentei is becoming more crowded the more things happen to promote citizens to abandon their homes and become refugees. Refugees come about for several reasons, which we will touch upon soon. The city is built along the banks of the Heavenly River (it has a formal, ceremonial name which is never used, and most people have forgotten it entirely in lieu of the common people's term for it), which has a series of steam-powered levees to prevent the country's seasonal floods from affecting the citizens of Tentei.

- The Emperor is the absolute ruler of Tenkuni, without any question. His will is absolute, as he is backed by the Mandate of Heaven, suggesting that the gods themselves have chosen the emperor to overlook the land. If he does a bad job of things, legend holds that the gods will remove him themselves, but things have gotten pretty bad as it is, and nothing's happened.

Second, and probably the most important point for you all at game start is an explanation of the State of the Union, so to speak. We will be making regular posts about the things going on in Tenkuni and will specify which is top secret knowledge (ie: just for select characters, or just for players to know), and which is general knowledge. As we are at game start, however...

- The emperor hasn't been seen publicly in several years, even for the rare processions traditionally taken through Tentei. He's still alive, because his advisors speak to him regularly, as do many high ranking bureaucrats and military personnel. Some whispers suggest he has died, but the most prevalent rumors are that the Emperor has failed the Mandate of Heaven and is going to die soon. He is an old man, who has left few able heirs among his various wives and concubines. The favored son is the son of his first wife, but the Revolutionary movement is led by the son of a lesser concubine, who has risen through the ranks of the scholar-gentry to become an advisor directly to his father. Which brings us to...

- The refugee problem is increasing, but only to the point of annoyance to members of the First and Second Tier. The Third Tier (especially in Tentei) is going ever more overcrowded as people fight for food, warmth, and shelter of any kind. As of two weeks before game start (June 3rd, in game as well), there has been a major flooding disaster for the spring floods, which wiped out a major valley to the southwest. Survivors and escapees are entering Tentei, bringing with them the mutters of conditions in the rural areas. It is said that the rivers, which must be dredged regularly, have not been dredged in so long that it is the fault of the unmoving Emperor that there has been so much death and destruction.

- Trade embargoes have been put into effect over the last few years, but citizens will begin finding it difficult to find some foreign products in abundance, while some will be gone entirely, save for a trip into the black market. Among those especially enforced and limited recently: silks and steel implements (including and especially those for medical use). Imported agricultural goods from anywhere are expressly forbidden to anyone.

-There are some very faint whispers, starting in the lower classes but with sworn suggestion that the rumor came from the First Tier, that the monetary system has been removed from the gold standard, and to expect severe inflation. It is also said that there are no more gold coins in circulation at all, but this is a difficult rumor to prove, seeing as only a select few have ever even seen one, and they aren't complaining.

(Economical Comparison)
- (this is really just to give you a general idea of where things stand and show the economic situation of Tenkuni)

loaf of bread
5 coppers (or) 1 bronzer
(Cost one (1) month prior: 4 coppers)

And one absolutely final thing before wrapping up this post...

Soi Fon Realism

Welcome to Long Live!

So, you've made it past the application and the mods! What next, you wonder? Well, I'll tell you what next. . .

Make sure to join and watch long_live_rpg, long_live_ooc, and long_live_logs to gain full access to the games.

Once you're in the communities complete the contacts page so other members know how to find you!

Fill out the information on the taken characters page so we know to add you to the list with the appropriate information for your character.

That done, go to the character history page for either first name A through M or N through Z so other members can read your character background quickly.

Add your character's name to the friend add and then follow the instructions to add everyone manually to your own character's friends!

There. All the information that needs to be filled out (so your mods don't go crazy trying to remember who and what go where) you're all set to introduce yourself to the other players at long_live_ooc!!!
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Class System

The populus of Tenkuni is divided up into four different classes, which occupy three different parts of the country and the capital. Though it is not quite as rigid as the caste systems in place in modern society, it is difficult for anyone to move up through the classes. Difficult, but not imposible. Intermarriage between the Tiers is possible, but discouraged.

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Locations and Country Details

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