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Apr. 24th, 2009 | 09:49 pm
posted by: tsuyosaoboetai in long_live_rpg

Please fill out the following and E-Mail it to the mod account at longlivemods@gmail.com to apply!

Character Information
Name: Western-style please
Birth Day:
Faction: Imperialists, Vanguard, Revolutionaries, Neutral
Occupation: If any

Personality: Minimum word count of 250.

History: Minimum word count of 500. Keep in mind because this is AU, not all character lines and relations are set in stone! You're more than welcome to change it up, just make sure it makes sense!

Role Play Sample: Minimum word count of 250.

PB Name:
PB Image:

Player Information
Age: The minimum requirement for this game is 16!
Contact: At least one

An example of an application can be found here.

Once you have been accepted. . .
-Please join long_live_rpg, long_live_logs, and long_live_ooc!
-Use the friend add. It's f-locked so you must be part of the communities to see it.
-Make a post to long_live_ooc introducing yourself and your character!
-Get started plotting and have fun! Welcome to the game!

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