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Locations and Country Details

The Capital

The Palace
A man could have lived his entire life in the Palace and not have seen everything there is to offer the eyes. Classical beauty entwined with societies rising technology, the Palace is created from many smaller buildings and gardens. Throughout the grand Palace where the Emperor and his servants reside stretch waterways crossed by stone bridges. On the outside all is calm and peaceful, untouched by mechanical technology apart from carts carrying fresh food and supplies into the various rooms. Inside are walls painted in red and gold, so much so that the sun never seems to set. It's a maze of wonder to get from a bedroom to an attached bathroom.

The Emperor himself lives within the center-most building of the palace with his women and keepers. The four closest buildings allow for the stay of the Adviser, Commanding Captain, the Empress, and the young Heir. The establishments following are reserved for servants and many of the most impressive men of the military in Tenkuni.

Governmental Headquarters
Within the guarded walls of the Palace also lies the HQ for the government. The men, and few women, of the unit are permitted to stay within the safety of the painted border that separates the Palace from the rest of the capital set at the center of all activity in Tenkuni.

Under the packed ground was laid an intricate path of halls all leading, eventually, to the main room. It stands at fifteen feet tall, being nearly twenty-five feet under the ground. No easy task for any worker. The room had been a work in progress for years, taking almost a full decade to complete. Now it is the main meeting place of all strategists and great minds. When war is upon the country they will be ready to meet at the great table that stretches almost from one end of the massive basement to the other.

Shopping and Merchandise
Outside of the walls that guard the Palace and HQ rests the shopping district. Only shop owners live in or above their shops, as there is no place to stay in this part of the country. Not being a residential tier, this area is reserved for one thing alone: shopping. All items sold are checked personally by trainees of the military and are shipped from the factories of the Second Tier daily. Unauthorized items are thrown back into the creators arms and they are dragged from the sector.

Most often, weaponry cannot be bought here as it is too close to home and the safety of the Emperor is too important to risk. Clothing, food, toys, and reading material are sold here instead. The area is open to all people, no matter which division they're from, and bargaining is a common means for trade. Some furniture, kitchenware, and mechanical items, however, have a set price depending on the seller.

Medical Facilities
Also open to the public is the Ward. Injured and broken or sick with a simple cold, all are welcome. Everything from doctor recruitment to surgery is performed in this one facility. Do not, however, let it's simple appearance fool you. Once upon a time Tenkuni had the best medicine in all of the world.

The First Tier
Unlike the Second and Third Tiers, the First has refrained from using nearly as much steam technology. While utilizing some product for general house keeping, transport, or security, the First generally has the least knowledge of modern mechanics.

Spread throughout the miles upon miles of grassy hillsides stand several estates belonging to some of the most powerful families in all of Tenkuni. The closer to the Capital the house is, the more money the noble has. After roughly seven estates belonging to the highest among high come the nobles. Only ten more families consist of the seventeen noble estates. Beautiful lands stretch between each building, the yard easily expanding acres throughout the countryside.

Some of the most well-known families live in the First Tier. Among them are the Fon’s, Kuchiki’s, and the Shihouin’s. Farthest of the three is the Fon Estate, a family with a view of the mountains rising to the heavens in the Northwest.

Each Estate, according to the laws laid by the Emperor and the gods themselves, has it’s own temple of prayer and worship. For the lesser nobles there are public temples filled with forever lit candles. Once upon a time the temples were filled with people praying for good weather, wealth, and prosperity. Now the temples are maintained, but fewer and fewer guests seem to be visiting and paying homage to the great gods watching over their families.

Hot Springs
Not far from the capital is the main spring, Yasuragi, named after its peacefulness. It is, however, reserved for those of importance. Often a reservation has to be made before anyone can enter the hot spring due to its popularity. The reason? It's never crowded. The spring is managed by the same family that found its luxurious waters decades ago. By holding only a certain amount of people within the spring they can charge for the extras the wealthy call for. Not only is the main spring a beautiful place for relaxation, but it houses many spa-like qualities.

In Yasuragi there are a total of 15 springs. Through years of hard work the family maintaining the hot spring was able to create a serene bath space. It certainly wasn't easy to make, but their hard work paid off. The Yasuragi is the most profitable spring in all of Tenkuni despite their selectivity.

Many other springs, smaller and typically open to the public, created a similar atmosphere by installing round bath areas and tiling the ground with massive slates of granite. Like with the rest of the First Tier, there is little steam-related devices as they have managed to continue an ancient style of existence. Because they are private, at least in the sense of being selective, bathing suits are optional.

Military Divisions

Northern Camp
Due to the rise in terror among the government, who speak not a word to anyone should they be able to avoid it, military camps were established. Four spec the country standing at each main point of the compass. The Northern Camp is the most respected and well kept for it is North of all Estates and the whole of the First Tier. A long road, walled upon both sides stretches from the capital, through the First Tier, and out into the plains. It's said the best leaders of the armed forces are trained both here, and at the Eastern Camp.

Eastern Camp
Following close behind the Northern Camp comes the Eastern Camp resting a mere handful of miles inland from the beach. Like with all camps, a dirt path can take one to the military base. Unlike the others, the Eastern Camp trains most of the seafaring men and coordinates the naval fleet. The food is second to the Northern camp, as it lies along the boarder of the First and Second Tiers. The sailor's here are notorious for womanizing, but it's all in good fun.

Southern Camp
Alternatively, the worst of all four camps lies to the South of the Third Tier. Not only does it fail to protect the innocent of the Third, but the men of this camp habitually take advantage of the provisions given to them. At the Southern Camp there are signs posted periodically among a barbed and electrical fence reading "do not enter," "no photography," and "no flying."

Over all, the Southern Camp is a pretty terrible place to live and train. On the whole it houses members of the Third Tier who hoped to serve their country and instead they have been taught to serve their captains and higher ups. Many first-year trainees live in the boiler rooms where they sweat all day during break and get little rest in the night. It's best, also, to not discuss the food. Thinking about it alone may make one sick.

Western Camp
The final military camp is the Western Camp, one that is quickly becoming the second popular in demand. While it's facilities are still lacking, though nowhere near as horrendous as the Southern Camp, it's not the buildings men are flocking in to see. It's the land itself. They want to see it from the sky.

Steel has been brought together to create towering buildings walled with glass. The trainees are kept in the center floors with those above and below dedicated to teaching of mechanics respectively. Men not only learn to fly planes, blimps, and helicopters, but some of the leading projects are in personal flight. Learning to use the leading technology, humans have begun to utilize wings* and jet packs.*

After graduating from the 5-year long Academy of Flight, men receive the honorary Aviator's Pin that signifies they are capable and qualified to fly any machine known to man.

* = Products are copyrighted and in no way belong to any of the members of this game. Images are used as reference only!

The Second Tier
The Second Tier lines either side of the Capital to the East and West and houses the most residents of any Tier. The buildings are neither spectacular nor dull, but beautiful in their own way. Built from brick and tile, many of the homes toward the outer expanses of the Second have windows roughly four feet wide with pretty decks around the roof that create porches on the ground. The homes are spaced neatly and set in rows, though they are not cramped, either. The Second is a very nice, average place to live.

The Market
Being the most advanced of all Tiers, the Second holds two long streets on either side of the capital called "The Market." Simply put, it's a place for inventors to sell their strange and somewhat bizarre steam-goods. The items sold along either street typically are rare, unusual, and have some sort of weapon feature. If in need of something a little out of the ordinary, The Market is the place to go. Anything sold here is generally overlooked by the government until it becomes a threat and, therefore, is not guaranteed to work.

Inns and Lodging
If visiting the Second, or perhaps unable to own one of the personal homes in the distant reaches of the Tier, there are always plenty of places to rent out. Inns rise high into the sky and run purely off of electricity. High class for those recently out of the Slums. Smokestacks give off a gray cloud that taints a blue sky, but a breeze can wash the smog away instantly.

Factory workers also have a place to stay at the factory. Of course there is only enough room in the factory for those that pull their own weight, but at least it's a roof over the head. Most factories are built behind storefronts and then there are many more places to stay over top those. The Second takes pride in being able to house anyone in need of a place to stay so long as one can pay the fee.

Hot Springs
The springs of the Second aren't much different than those of the First. They run in an old fashioned manner and are maintained by locals. Open to the public any time of the year outside of major holidays there can be as many people in one tub as can fit. When it's cold and the boilers have broken down, the best way to warm up is a cozy bath with your friends.

Unlike the First, bathing suits are mandatory.

The Third Tier
In the Third there is no such thing as beautiful, unless the broken is considered lovely. No building remains in tact these days, though the few strong willed members of the Third have tried to renovate. Brick falls out of walls each and every day, crumbling to the ground without care. The buildings, most of which are gutted out by now, are used to lodge any refugees who managed to sneak into the Tier.

The Ranks
Most of the Third is built from old clay brick, few tiles used for they were too expensive. Doors made of wood planks are held shut by flimsy and usually broken machinery. Old parts lie in the streets and the people living in the Ranks look as sad as the place they call home. There is no distinction from one residency to another apart from the door and any decoration left in an unshattered window. Though cramped and crowded, anywhere in the Ranks is better than even the best of the Slums.

Space is only a dream when it comes to the Slums. People are so tightly packed that selling merchandise comes to a near standstill. Mud builds on the walls and cakes the ground, rain pooling for days after the storm passed. Not even plant life can grow from this horrible state of affairs in the Third Tier, yet somehow the people manage to live just barely. People in the Slums scrape by, saving up the meager portions they have of bread, freshwater, and fruit that can quickly go bad if left uncared for. Technology is also a hope just out of reach. While possible, it's hard to get a network signal should one happen to own any radio or communication device. Phones and Code Users are, as if on principal by the state, out of service. The only sign of hope the people of the Slums have is the Black Market/White House that thrives directly underfoot.

Black Market/White House
The B.M.W.H. was created at the start of the last Emperor's reign when people seemed too happy to be true. The reason? Illegal trade. Being nothing more than a black door on a white building, it's not an easy place to find. Among the frequenters it's commonly been called "The Hole in the Wall" due to both appearance and the way one can get so turned around trying to find it. Unless you're "in" on the know, you'd only find it by chance.

The B.M.W.H. lies between the streets of The Ranks and Slums, connecting the two through the massive basement that's two stories under the earth. If you can't find what you want at The Market in the Second Tier, you'll probably find it here. If not, then what you're looking for may not exist.

The Countryside

Mountain Ranges

Rolling fields out in the countryside, farmers use the land to cultivate crops year after year. Almost anything grows if you know where to plant it and how to take care of the seed from start to finish! The soil is rich in many parts of Tenkuni unless a path has been beaten into the earth.

The Eastern Sea
Roughly 1/4 of the shore is taken up by the Eastern Camp for training and ship docking. Another 1/8th after that is used for the greatest ship belonging to Tenkuni. Her Lady, the Dragon Fire. A ship so long and beautiful it puts all previous makes to shame. Foreign ships don't stand a chance against her, either. Used for cruising the blue ocean, only First and Second Tier members are allowed on board. Those of the Third Tier being on the ship are, most probably, workers shoveling coal and winding gears.

The Pier is a common place for visitors. On the opposite end of the shore as the military base, there are few sights more breath taking. Expect fog in the early morning. Swimming in the sea is prohibited. Wading up to the knees, however, is allowed. On occasion men and women have been married under the Arch of Celest, god of the seas.

The Western Sea
Swimming at the Western shore is allowed. However, one must make sure to be well beyond the buoys marking the take-off and flight pattern space above the waters. Great for crash landings, ships are always docked along a quarter-mile pier in case of emergency. There is nothing particularly special about the Western Sea aside from the fact that one can see the border mountains of the Beintei across the ocean just Southwest of the beach.

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