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Please read the following rules and be sure to follow them throughout game play. In doing so we will all have a marvelous time here at long_live_rpg!

1. There is NO god-moding allowed in this game. Period. God-moding means writing and/or speaking for another character without the opposing mun's permission. You must ONLY write for and about your character.

2. Stay In Character. Any problems with character playing should be handled rationally and taken up with a mod or made in response to a critique post.

3. This community allows ALL KINDS of relationships, so long as they make sense and are in character. Heterosexual or homosexual relations are allowed. If you cannot handle one or the other, please do not apply. Or, should you chose to apply, keep in mind you do not have to read every log and event posted. It's suggested, but not required!

4. Keep the peace! Be friendly, treat others how you would like to be treated. If you'd like to create a plot but it may involve another mun's character, make sure to talk to that mun first. If you have something mean to say, rant about it in your personal journal or to someone else. This is not the place. We are kind, happy people at this game!

5. All content that is rated above PG-13 (aka R or NC-17) MUST BE MEMBER'S ONLY LOCKED TO THE COMMUNITY. You must ALSO make a CLEAR WARNING in the log tag stating it is not appropriate for minors/the squeamish/the innocent/what-have-you.

6. Not so much of a rule as a reminder; you're always welcome to plot with practically anyone at the game! Because we are in an alternate universe, enemies in canon may not exist within our world. Spice it up and have FUN!

7. Character limit. There is currently NO character limit, however, this may change as the game progresses. We trust you, the player, to be reasonable when picking up characters. Remember, we ARE watching the game and will see if you're lagging behind as you pick up more and more characters. <3

8. All needs for hiatus must be posted in long_live_ooc and TAGGED as a hiatus. We would like to know WHEN you will be leaving and ABOUT WHEN you'll be returning. This factors into what happens when we go about activity checks.

9. There is a posting requirement. EACH CHARACTER must post to their journal/the network or have a log up per TWO weeks at minimum. Should the mods decide, this may change. At the end of each month we'll have "check ins" to see who is still actively with us. These are not activity checks, mind you, but you should do your best to check in with us when the post goes up!

10. long_live_rpg follows a three strike rule. Warnings are strikes, please keep that in mind. If you fall out of activity continuously or have been causing problems, you will be informed you have received a strike. Upon your second strike we will STRONGLY advise you to start following the rules. Upon your third strike, you will be removed from the game and all of your characters will be opened back up for application.

11. When posting logs, make sure to SPELL CHECK your work. Of course we all have little typos, but if you're aware you have a consistent spelling problem, use the checker. LJ has one built into the threads for if you need, or simply pop open a Word/Text Editing document so fix it.

12. You need to have at least a general knowledge of the series to understand the character(s) you will be playing. Knowing the full and vast plot of Bleach is not necessary, however, because this game is AU and therefore the events and character histories have been altered.

13. To play at this game you are required to use a PB (Played By) as your character's icon. It's just a face to take them out of the series and make them more realistic. If you're having trouble finding a PB, feel free to ask either of the mods for suggestions. Jayden-mod personally suggests trying hollow-art or asian fanatics to find good PBs. Because this game takes place in a relatively Asian country, most of the characters should appear to be Asian. That said, it doesn't matter what "kind" of Asian PB you use, so long as it makes some sense and looks like the character. Alternatively, not all characters are Asian. If you'd like to make certain characters who appear "not" Asian to be Asian, that's fine. Just, once again, make sure the PB looks similar to the actual character! It is preferred your PB of Asian-decent, but if the character is likely not Asian in canon, it is acceptable to be otherwise.

14. This community does not accept one-liners when making tags! We are a literate role play and as such require literacy. Paragraph form is required unless you're being silly in the OOC community. Should we find you're work is not meeting with our standards, you will be gently nudged in the right direction. Don't worry, we all have bad days and understand a lack of muse cooperation on the occasion.

15. Have fun!
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