Jayden Mackenzie (tsuyosaoboetai) wrote in long_live_rpg,
Jayden Mackenzie

The Hierarchy

Those who follow the law of the Emperor and his government. They neither question his word nor break the rule, but rather, uphold the law at all cost. They are the "good" citizens of Tenkuni. Typically their numbers consist of those in the First Tier, most of those within the government, and the men working in the military as well as everyone who stands for the Emperor, despite his mistakes and wrong-doings.

The Vanguard
In some unfortunate way, shape, or form, these people have been hurt by the Emperor, the government, and their men. Enraged, these citizens who were probably once Imperialists or who stood on neutral ground came together to combine another class hidden amongst all others. The Vanguard feel somehow betrayed by their ruler, though are not nearly so radical as to do anything about it just yet. For now these people seem content to watch as the Emperor fails at his duty and hope the government crumbles. One day they may take their rightful place amongst the citizens of Tenkuni once all of the wrongs committed toward them have been righted. They have strong opinions about justice in the social systems and some seem to believe there is no difference between that of a Slum Dog and a Nobleman.

The Revolutionaries
Believing in a New World Order, these people are a little darker at heart. They follow the laws of the Emperor for now but are radical underneath their facade. Following men seated in the government and within the military, the Revolutionaries are the men and women who will one day overthrow the Emperor. This is not to say all of these people are bad, however, they are most unhappy with the way their country is run and are not going to sit around and wait for it to change. They will change it themselves one day at a time.

Simply stated, these are the people who have not chosen a "side" amongst the Tenkuni alliances. Whether they can decide or merely chose to keep the peace does not matter. They are the people both praised and looked down upon for they are neither one faction or another. While some people admire the Neutrals for their dedication to not choosing, others scorn them for being "weak." On the whole, Neutral persons stand firmly in the middle of the triad, waiting for when the time is right to make a decision. This is perhaps the largest section of the four "Divisions" and consist of the average citizen.
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