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Technology and Transport

Transportation is a very important factor to take into consideration when living in the busy country of Tenkuni. If a wealthy man lives in the far reaches of the First Tier but chooses to make frequent visits into the Capital, he will need transport. If a man living among the hustling streets of the Second has to get into work each day, he will need transport. The Military, too, will also need transport for their many men and goods from one direction into another.

The Horse and Carriage is never out of style when it comes to the pretty dames of the First Tier. Because the wealthy insist on the old ways, only a handful have invested in any sort of transportation that utilizes steam as energy. Horses are still convenient and have yet to be out run by a steam-run vehicle. Rarely do the manes and stallions hooked up to their carriages run amok or cause problems for their masters while the machines made by man can go wrong at any moment. The horse and carriage is classy and sophisticated, though slowly being outdated by the geniuses who are continuing to make steam-energy more reliable.

Scooters for teenagers and young adults are perfect for that last-minute trip to the store to pick up a snack or getting to school when they're running late. Light and easy to maneuver, the scooters run off of a similar energy that powers the jet packs at the Western Camp. Steam is pressurized into the compartment under and in behind the base of the scooter. Be careful not to forget to charge it during the day or night for the compartment is still small and can only get a few short trips in. Fortunately, the schools in the Second have stations where students can hook up their scooters during class. The Nexas 4700 is the latest model complete with bell and heel-presser breaks.

For the older and more adventurous, seated scooters have recently become available. Mopeds can get a person to and from work in no time at all. They're small and sturdy with plenty of power. Because the operator can sit there is more space to store energy enabling longer distances in the comfort of sitting down. The newest design, called the LMC-3, has a two gears as well as a foot break, horn, and working headlight.

Finally comes a vehicle like no other built before. The four-wheeled, fully steam-powered Riding Box. The RB (known as a car) can reach up to 30 miles per hour on an open road and comes with, or without, a top. The military favors the top-less vehicle due to their oversize objects being put in the back. The RB can hold up to five passengers and is the fastest mode of transportation outside of horseback riding. Coming in the colors black, steel blue, and gray, the RB is the newest creature to hit the market. Only those in the First Tier or high-Second have been able to purchase their own, stylish RB, though yet again the First is still iffy about leaving their tradition behind. The younger generation may be the first to officially buy out these cars.

Complete with steering wheel, gear shaft, two foot peddles (steam and break), head and tail lights, and front window wipers, the Riding Box has it all. Keep in mind that the doors don't lock so nothing should be left inside. And 30MPH is not recommended for there are also no seat belts. There are also no rear or side view mirrors. But it's a swish start on the ladder to the future. Also remember that the roads are packed dirt and that the RB has not been confirmed for the best performance in bad weather. Frenst & Co. is not liable for any injuries, death, paranoia, accidents, driving malfunctions, or problems caused from the Riding Box and all files against the company will not hold up in a court of law.

Sea Fairing Vessels
Almost as important as any land or sky roaming mobile are those that travel through the sea. There are several ports in Tenkuni open to public or military usage. Any can be reached by a normal person, as the docks can be beautiful to stand at during sunrise or sunset, but there are times when they are not open and accessible.

In the East is the military dock that is utilized by the camp located nearby. The dock picks up and sends out goods for both the military and the capital. On average one ship comes into port every other day, if that. The goods on board can be anything from food to weaponry. Metals also are carried in from nearby countries.

At the other end of the Eastern Sea is another port built specifically for pleasure. It's smaller, and cruise ships are few and far between, but they exist and are slowly growing more and more popular. The dock also sets sail for those traveling to other countries on business or move. Many of the crewmen are military men and waitresses from the Second Tier.

To the West is a third dock used in compilation with the launch station of the Western Camp and the flight academy. Ships are prepared to go out and rescue wayward flights while there are also fishing boats tied to the dock. The greatest supply of fish comes from the Western sea, though individual fisherman do also make quite the haul during the peak season.

With the world evolving and men coming to understand more about air current and patterns, aero-crafts have come into existence. They're faster than both land and sea transportation, but unfortunately are not nearly as reliable. The first flying craft came to be roughly thirty years ago. Still being new, not everyone is as keen on using the crafts as others.

For large objects or passengers, a slower voyage is needed. A blimp can take a person from the Southernmost point of Tenkuni to the North in about two hours. Several blimps have also been cleared for long-distance travel over sea where aeroports have been set up on allying country land. The blimps are the most countable means of travel, though they take longer, and are rather beautiful to behold.

A smaller company can fit into the 10-person aeroplain which has been deemed capable of travel for up to five hours. There is no crash landing gear, however, and touch down on land is not always smooth. But if speed from point A to B is what you're looking for, Stanway Aerolines is the way to go. The stewardess is always kind and beverages have begun to be severed.

Pilots at the Western Camp are now being trained in individual flight crafts. Both jet packs and wings are being taught on a daily basis along with other lessons. Jet packs are the most handy for swift attacks in combat where men will only be in the air for short amounts of time, most often seen in raids where the mission is get in-get out. These packs are not permitted outside of the camp and those in possession of unauthorized devices will be taken to jail. The wings, on the other hand, are safer. Most commonly used in the time after battle where men can swoop in with aid for the wounded, wings are lightweight and easier to use than the jet pack. Using wind gusts like the wings of birds, the wings attached to a man's back can easily carry him from a higher point. Commonly, wings are also referred to as "Gliders" because that is their most basic action. While they can climb, it is difficult to manage if the operator weighs more than 120 pounds and the steam compartment is running less than half.
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