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What is "steampunk"?
Steampunk, basically, is a term used to describe a fictional time period where technology is powered by steam rather than electricity. Machine guns have backpacks attached that the shooter wears on his back. Pressurized air is contained within the pack and when the trigger is pulled the air is what fires the bullets. Jetpacks are capable of some flight. As for lights, candles and gas lamps will have to be used. Cloths consist of earth colors, heavy cottons, and leather. The nicer the fabric the wealthier the person wearing it probably is--less it was a gift. Typically steampunk clothes also utilize some kind of metal as that is just how the fashion in run. Corsets have metal boning in them to keep the shape and small screws may hold the pieces together alongside the thread. What we as players consider normal clothing with only fabric and thread would be considered strange in this setting. Be creative with it! There is no "wrong" way to play.

What's the deal with this country, Tenkuni?
Tenkuni is the fictional country in which the game will take place. Seeing the locations page may help you to understand exactly what there is to see or do in Tenkuni. The capital of Tenkuni is Tentei.

Where can my character live in Tenkuni?
Pretty much anywhere! Typically people live in the First, Second, or Third Tier. Some special persons may live in Tentei itself, and trainees for the military may choose to live at one of the four camps. But if you're not into conforming, there are plenty of places in the country to live. At the base of the mountains or in the fields are where miners and farmers dwell. Fisherman may want to live closer to the sea and on the outskirts of one of the Tiers. If you're not sure about where exactly your character can live, just ask one of the mods. But really, when we say anywhere, we basically mean anywhere.

What can my character do for a job?
Visiting the occupations page may help you, though it's only a rough outline. Keep in mind that this game is set in a steampunk setting, so while Tenkuni is technologically advanced, they are also well behind what we players consider as modern tech.

Who can my character meet and interact with?
Because this is an alternate universe set game, if you can come up with a way to meet someone, you're more than welcome to play it out. While normally in canon Hinamori may never make friends with Grimmjow, you may find a strange way to get them involved. They could become BFFs? We hope for Momo's sake they don't, but hey, it's your choice.
Again, there is no "wrong" way to play here. If Lisa and Ikkaku fall in love, good luck to you!

Speaking of love. . .
We at long_live_rpg do not discriminate between heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or any-sexual relationships. If it has come to make sense in your character's bubble of living, then far be it from us to stop it. However, be realistic. This is not the place to play out your fantasies. There needs to be development between the characters or something to validate a long-standing relationship. One night stands are entirely different. That aside, we accept all relationships! If you're not comfortable with any of the aforementioned relationships, you should consider not applying OR, alternatively, just don't read the logs. ALL LOGS MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED OF THE CONTENT AND CONTAIN A WARNING IN THE HEADING LABEL.

How does time pass?
One day to us as players is one day to our character's in game. This may change depending on plot development.

How do journals work in Tenkuni?
Using the networking system is optional for your character. It is not a requirement that they make a journal or a post to the system, however, to keep up with the activity this means you will have to find another means of posting. EACH CHARACTER must post to their journal/the network or have a log up per TWO weeks at minimum. Keep this in mind when deciding on making an entry or not.

How does the tagging system work?
When tagging a new post to the log community, make sure to tag them with your characters FIRST and LAST name. Complete logs will be marked with a ! and the location as to where the log takes place will be marked with a *. Narratives will be labeled as [narrative].
Example: Tags: [narrative], !complete, *fon estate, shaolin fon

This is only a rough estimate of questions that you may have! If you have any more, feel free to please ask them below or message one of the mods! We're more than happy to help!
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