Jayden Mackenzie (tsuyosaoboetai) wrote in long_live_rpg,
Jayden Mackenzie

Welcome to Long Live!

So, you've made it past the application and the mods! What next, you wonder? Well, I'll tell you what next. . .

Make sure to join and watch long_live_rpg, long_live_ooc, and long_live_logs to gain full access to the games.

Once you're in the communities complete the contacts page so other members know how to find you!

Fill out the information on the taken characters page so we know to add you to the list with the appropriate information for your character.

That done, go to the character history page for either first name A through M or N through Z so other members can read your character background quickly.

Add your character's name to the friend add and then follow the instructions to add everyone manually to your own character's friends!

There. All the information that needs to be filled out (so your mods don't go crazy trying to remember who and what go where) you're all set to introduce yourself to the other players at long_live_ooc!!!
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