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Long Live RPG

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As the legends go, the first Emperor was given power by the gods to rule over Tenkuni. His will was unquestionably followed and his desires regarded as the highest priority of the people. In return, he was given the task of maintaining the people’s happiness as they maintained his. For however long as he kept the people of his nation safe and prosperous, the gods would maintain and enforce the power gifted to the emperor and all those who followed in his bloodline.

Now the bloodline is weak. Rumor has it that life in the rural areas of the countryside where the members of the Third Tier live is wrought with misery, starvation and famine as the undredged rivers flood every growing season and droughts kill the crops that manage to survive the seasonal floods. The borderlands whisper of coming war with neighboring countries and what used to be a prosperous nation of trade has all but closed its doors to foreigners. In Tentei, the capital, these stories are nothing more than that: stories. The failing economy is a natural dip that will recover soon due to the advent of steam technology. The increase of refugees from the countyside is nothing more than the lower classes attempting to capitalize on the new world steam technology promises. The blasphemous claims against the emperor are the sputtered nonsense of madmen.

But even in Tentei there are dissenters. While many citizens continue their regular lives, the Imperialists support the Emperor and the traditional culture they have maintained for several thousand years, and there is a silent subversive movement among the First Tier to see a new dynasty replace the crumbling one. Among the Second and Third Tiers, there is an even more radical group that advocates for the people by promoting the implementation of a republican system and the dissolution of the old ways. All are vying for their own image of the future of Tenkuni.

The Mandate of Heaven is broken. Steam technology is changing our world. The tides can turn at any moment. Choose which future of our country you want to fight for, or simply live your life in these uncertain times.

All hail and long live the Emperor!


Long Live! is an alternate universe RPG based on the Anime/Manga series Bleach. Applications for canon Bleach characters are welcome, but we are not accepting applications for characters from filler arcs or original characters.
This RPG has been re-opened after a long hiatus. Most all characters are available for application, including current characters within the manga.

Applications and Reservations are currently OPEN!

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